About Lionet Hasbury


Lionet Hasbury is an award-winning rising talent in the Halton real estate market. Before becoming a full-time realtor she spent 17 years honing her business, negotiation, and people skills in the restaurant industry through owning and operating a number of restaurants in Oakville, Mississauga, and Burlington.

Buying and selling a home is not always a business transaction. It’s often part of a life journey, one that can be personal and emotional. Lionet draws upon her personal life experiences to empathize with her clients and offer holistic advice. This experience includes owning and selling her own homes, raising a family, connecting to a physical place, and relocating across continents. She has a truly remarkable ability to be both friendly with her clients and highly assertive on their behalf. Her approach in all things, including real estate, is strategic, personable, data-driven, and tenacious.

Whether your goal is to sell your home quickly, obtain information, purchase your dream home, or simply navigate the real estate market in a smart and stress-mitigated manner, Lionet delivers. She does this in a number of ways: she is always within reach; her clients are often pleasantly surprised at her level of responsiveness and attention. She works day and night, literally. And importantly, she brings forth a positive attitude that rubs-off on all parties in a transaction, which often helps in promoting a smooth and happy real estate transaction.

If you want competence, dedication, and talent on your side, contact Lionet. You will be glad you did.